Virginia Atanassova2013 Live Recording by the Radio “Sofia” of the French Opera “Le Duvene du Village” and the organ concert with D-r Marcel Grobys and the orchestra “Orfeus”

2012 Live Recording of “Le Duvene du Village” by .J.-J. Rousseau made by the Radio Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria

2011 TV Film made by Bulgarian National TV of the spectacle “Il Divino Claudio”

2010 Live Recording by the Radio “Sofia” of Bach’s cantata #147

2005 Recording at the Radio “Sofia” of Arnold Schoenberg’s “Der Wunsch des Liebhabers” with the “Tutti Soli” Chamber Collegium, Sofia, Bulgaria

2003 Live Recording at the Baroque Festival, Istanbul 2003, by “Istanbul” Television

2000 Apolonia Music Documenta, CD (Music Festival, Sozopol, Bulgaria)

1999 Italian early Baroque “Musica Sacra” and “Musica Profana”, Sofia Academy of Music, CD

Virginia Atanassova

1994 European Musica Sacra at the West and East, Unisson Art, Sofia, CD

1989 Orthodox Chants, BTT x c 3004, audio cassette, Sofia

1983 Johannes Brahms, Liebeslider, Op. 52 and Neue LiebesliderOp. 64, Waltzes, Bka-110 25, audio cassette and record, recorded by the Firm Balkanton with vocal chamber collegium Aleko. Several recordings by Bulgarian Radio Sofia, Radio Eskilstuna, Sweden, Radio Koln and Schwabisch Gmund, F.R.G.