2014 Concert performance with the Philharmonic Orchestra Sofia and Dr Marcel Grobys organ, concert hall “Bulgaria”, Sofia

2014 Concert spectacle of the opera “Don Quichotte” by G.P. Telemann, concert hall “Bulgaria”, Sofia

2013 Concert spectacle of the opera “Le Devin du Village”by J.J Rousseau, Plovdiv Academy of Music and Dance Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2013 Concert performance with Chamber orchestra “Orfeus” and Dr Marcel Grobys organ, Academy of Music, Sofia

2012 Concert Spectacle “ The French Music out and in the Court” in the frame of “Soloon of Arts” International festival, National Palais of Culture,Sofia, Bulgaria

2012 Spectacle “The Arrows of Love” – Italian early Baroque Music at the Darmstadt, “Residenzfestspiele” , Darmstadt, Germany

2011 Concert spectacle ”Il Divino Claudio” with “Tutti Soli” chamber collegium, concert hall “Bulgaria”, Sofia, Bulgaria

2011 Concert with Academy of Music, Sofia students’ orchestra and Dr Marcel Grobys -Germany at the Academy of Music, Sofia, Bulgaria

2010 Concert at the “ Saloon of Arts” Festival featuring Bach – Cantata No. 147 and Italian early Baroque, Sofia, Bulgaria, recorded by the Radio of Sofia

2009 Handel’s Acis and Galatea – Spectacle at the Sofia Music Weeks Festival, Sofia,Bulgaria

Virginia Atanassova2008 Monteverdi’s Operas – Spectacle at the “European Music Festival”, Sofia, Bulgaria

2007 Concert Performance “Barca di Venetia per Padova” at the Varna Summer Festival, Varna, Bulgaria

2007 Concert Performance at the “New Year’s Music festival”, Sofia, Bulgaria

2006 Concert Performance at the Choral Festival, University of Aristotle, Thessaloniki, Greece

2005 Participation at the New Year’s Festival with the chamber Ensemble “Tutti Soli” –Lamento d’Ariana”

2005 Concert Performance “The Old and the New Vienna – Pictures from Austria” at
“Bulgaria” Chamber Hall, Sofia, Bulgaria

2004 Fulbright Summer Conference in Pamporovo, Bulgaria – July 31-August 2

2003 Concert Performance with “Tutti Soli” Collegium at the Baroque Festival in Istanbul, Turkey, awarded with a Diploma of Honor

2002 Participation at the Fifth Fulbright Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria

2002 Performance with “Tutti Soli” Collegium in the frame of “Saloon of Arts”, Sofia

2001 Participation at the “Apolonia” Music Fests, filmed for the Bulgarian National Television

2001 & 1998 Participation at the Fulbright Anniversary Conference, Sofia, Bulgaria

2000 Concert Performance with the Chamber Collegium “Tutti Soli”, Thessaloniki,

1995 Participation in the National Convention of ACDA, Washington., D.C.

1992 Participation at the International Scientific Symposium “The Orthodox Music in the European Music Culture” in Varna (June)

1991,2,3 Concert tours in Germany and Switzerland

1987 Participation at the “First World Symposium on Choral Music,” Vienna, Austria

1982 Participation at “Brahms Fests” in Berlin and Swikau with Vocal Chamber Collegium “Aleko”, Germany

1976/7 Participation at the International Symposium for Contemporary Music in Vienna, Austria

With ACT Chorale, Thessaloniki, Greece:

2004 Anniversary Concert Performance with “Tutti Soli” Collegium in the frame of “Saloon of Arts”, Sofia

2002 Participation with ACT Chorale at the Choral Festival in Preveza, 6 – 10 June

2001 Participation at the International Choral Festival in Athens, Greece

2000 Participation with ACT Chorale, Greece at the American Universities ‘Students’ Choirs, AUBG, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

1999 Participation at the international Choral Fests, Drama, and Xanthy, GR